If you’re thinking of owning a home in Melbourne, Lend A Loan – Home Loan Melbourne team can help you in finding the best home loan. When it comes to home loans, we offer a wide range of options and assist you with comparing and selecting a home loan that fits your needs.

Our trained Melbourne Mortgage Brokers hold accreditation from more than 25 residential lenders in the country. Our team of mortgage broking experts are skilled and experienced in fact we require that all our brokers hold the highest level of mortgage broking education which is a Diploma of Mortgage Finance Broking Management as minimum.

Your Melbourne home loan broker will assist you in finding  and comparing home loans and will ensure that you are choosing the right home loan that suits your financial needs and is suitable for your future goals. We can help you customise your home loan with features which will assist you in paying your mortgage off comfortably and reduce your interest repayment in for long-run.

With many satisfied customers over the years we hold a reputation for broving the best finance and mortgage broking services. Not only our home loan specialist can assist you in getting the best home loan interest rate but they will also further negotiate a better for you.



A finance and mortgage broker is a person between a borrower and a lender, negotiating the loan on your behalf and helping you to find the right loan product and loan features for your needs.


With access to over 40 banks and lenders, our Finance and Mortgage specialist will ensure to find you the right deal for your financial need making sure your choice is a wise choice.


Whatever your financial circumstances may be, we are here to help, We’ll work hard to find a product that suits your needs and circumstances. We have lenders that may be able to services you. 




<span style=”color: #5d606b;”>Buying a home is one of the biggest things you’ll do in life. We’re here to help you by making sure you have the info and options you need to find the finance solution you’re looking for (for the house you want).</span>


As time marches on, situations change. Perhaps you’ve changed jobs? Or there’s a new addition to the family? Maybe you would just like a better rate? Maybe it’s the advent of school fees, or perhaps the kids have flown the coop?


Credit has tightened so lenders are more cautious about who borrows and for what. We can assist you find the right lender and investment home loan with the best interest rates.

Are you in need of a Melbourne Mortgage Specialist? We can help you find the right loan!


Buying a home is a time to be excited. Don’t waste it looking for a home loan.

Our Melbourne Home Loan Brokers service, makes it easy and stress-free to get the best interest rate on for you whether its your first home, second home loan or if you are looking for a development home loan.

We’ll assist you in finding the right home loan for your requirement.  The Home Loan Specialist at Lend A Loan work for you and they are legally required to act in your best interest.  Your mortgage broker will always put you first to ensure that you get the best deal on your home loan.

Our Melbourne Home Loan team can meet at your home, work or any place that suits you to discuss and discuss your home loan requirements. Alternatively you can come and meet us at one of our three Victoria Home Loan Centre which are located in Brighton, Docklands and Narre Warren.  We will meet you at a time that suits you


Using our undestanding of your financial position, your objective, requirements and knowledge of the current market we review and discuss your current options and the most suitible lenders or banks for you. Once we narrow down our lenders we use our state of the art home loan comparison software to find a home loan product with best true interest rate then we provide your with three of the best lenders.

From there you can further discuss home loans products and provide your with a quote and information of the home loans from there your can get further financial advice from a financial advisor or we can help in starting loan application process with the lender of your choice.

Are you looking for a first-class mortgage broker to help you with your home loan?


These are a general explanation of the meaning of terms used in relation to (product name). Policy wording may use different terms and you should read the terms and conditions of the relevant policy to understand the inclusions and exclusions of that policy. You cannot rely on these terms to the part of any policy you may purchase.


A 100% offset account is a savings transaction account linked to a home loan account.
Offset accounts are useful for owner occupiers (home loans) because they allow the borrower
to save on their overall cost.

Offsets accounts are also the perfect mortgage feature to assist
with an investors long term tax preservation strategy. No interest is paid to the offset account but instead the balance of your offset account is deducted from your loan account before the interest on your loan is calculated. Therefore less interest is charged to your loan.


Basic Variable Rate Home Loans as the name suggests are very basic home loans with lower
interest rate but with less features than a standard variable rate home loan. This type of loan
generally has no ongoing monthly fees. As with all variable rate home loans the interest may
be increased or decreased according to the market. Basic variable rate home loans suits
budget conscious customers.


Standard Variable Rate Home Loans are the most popular type of loan. This type of loans are
linked to the official Reserve Bank rate thus depending on rates going up or down your
repayments will go up and down. Standard Variable rate home loans are flexible and may
include optional features such offset, the freedom to make extra repayments, to redraw funds
or split your loan. This type of loan might allow to incorporate an introductory discounted
rate. Introductory rates are usually effective for the first 12 months of the loan, at which it
then reverts back to the standard variable rate


Fixed Rate loans as the name suggest is a loan with fixed interest rates for a set term. You can
choose anywhere from 6 months to 15 years to have fixed rate home loan. Please note if the
Reserve Bank drops interest rate, fixed rate home loan does not allow the reduction of
repayment amounts. These loans can be combined with variable rate products to provide a
mix of security and flexibility. You can have half of your loan as standard variable loan and
the other half as fixed.


Introductory Honeymoon Home Loan offers a low-interest rate usually for the 1st year of the
loan. With this type of loan, you can have your rate as fixed, variable or capped.

Please note with Introductory Honeymoon Home Loan if interest rates rise your rate will not go up, but if interest rates fall that rate will go down, and you will benefit.

The other advantage of this loan is that it offers borrowers a chance to reduce the principal quickly by making extra repayments.

The disadvantage of this loan is once your Introductory or Honeymoon
a period is finished the interest rate usually reverts to the standard variable rate and most banks
charge a slightly higher rate after the introductory period.


A Fixed Rate Lock allows customers seeking a guaranteed fixed interest lending rate to
protect against potential interest rate increases that may occur during their settlement period.
This type of loan allows you to put a rate on hold for you for between 60 and 90 days. Some
lenders charge for this feature and others offer Rate Lock for free.


Professional Package
You pay one annual fee where Professional Package home loans bundles together various
products with your lender, including credit cards, personal loans, savings and transaction

Professional Package loans offer lending discounts to borrowers based on loan to value ratio
(LVR) and the size of your loan – with discounts generally starting for loans greater than
$150,000 with a number of banks and lenders.

Professional package is available to anyone and not just doctors, lawyers etc

Low Doc Home Loan

If your are self-employed  Low Doc Home Loans provides flexible financing solutions for

Low-docs are designed for people who have income and assets, but are unable to
provide the usual income verification documentation such as financial statements and in some
cases, tax returns ready at the time of home loan application.

A simple BAS statement, self declared income statement or verification from the Accountant may suffice for this type of loan or if a self employed person has not lodged a tax return for whatever reason, and the right opportunity has presented itself to purchase a property, then a low-doc loan may be the

What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance also referred to as LMI?

When lenders agree to lend a client money, there is a small risk that they won&#39;t get the money
back if the client is not able to meet the minimum repayments. Lenders&#39; mortgage insurance
protects the lender in the unfortunate event of you defaulting on your home loan. Although
the lender has the house as security, if property values decline that security may not be
enough to cover the outstanding loan when the lender comes to sell it.

This insurance helps lenders broaden the net of who they are able to lend to by taking some
of the risk out of lending the money and means that more people are likely to get a loan and
the home they want sooner.

What is a Guarantor?

A security guarantee allows another person, generally a family member to use the equity in their home as additional security for a portion of your loan amount. This means you may be able to buy a property sooner, avoid paying the premium for Lenders Mortgage Insurance or a Risk Fee and maximize the amount you can borrow. You can use a guarantor loan to buy a home or invest in residential property.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund Home Loan

If you have a self managed super fund or are considering establishing your own super fund, you are now able to use these arrangements to help you buy a residential or commercial investment property.

Superannuation legislation allows Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) to borrow to invest in residential or commercial property.

Organising a Self Managed Superannuation Fund Home Loan is quite a complex thus it is recommended that you seek a professionals help in organising this type of loan transaction and hence the reason to employ professionals to do the job, is a must.

Bridging Home Loan

This is a temporary loan which allows a buyer to complete the purchase of a new property before selling their existing property.

This type of loan helps you finance the building of a new home while still living in the old one.

The main advantage of a bridging loan is its quick and you can get the money you need in order to move ahead with the purchase of your new home. But there is also a disadvantage with type of loan. The main of which is usually a lower loan to value ratio or LVR, since Bridging Loans tend to be riskier for the lender. Bridging loans work well where there is plenty of equity available within your lending structure

Non-Conforming Home Loan

This type of loan is designed for borrowers that do not meet ‘standard’ bank criteria and may
include seasonal or contract workers, non-residents, small or no-deposit holders or even those
with a poor credit history. In most cases, due to the decreased credit assessment criteria, non-
conforming loans attract a higher rate of interest.

Line Of Credit / Equity Home Loan

Line of Credit or as some might call it Equity lines works more like a credit card and provides increased flexibility. The lenders assigns you a credit facility limit, secured against your property and when you need cash you draw against that limit. As you pay back the loan (the terms of repayment vary), the money becomes available to you again. Line of Credit (LOC) loans usually attract a slightly higher rate of interest than a loan where the balance is continuously reducing.

The advantage of a line of credit over a regular loan is that you don’t pay principal, only interest is charged on the part of the line of credit that is used, and the borrower can draw on

The line of credit at any time that they choose to. However, the greatest advantage of a Line of Credit is that you always have ready access to money, which makes this type of loan attractive to investors.

What is a credit score?

A credit score is used to help lenders decide whether or not to loan money or provide credit
and on what basis. A score summarises information on a credit application or credit report
into a single number. The score alone is not a determinant of whether or not a credit provider
will give you credit. Credit providers have their own lending criteria and the score is just one
piece of information they take into consideration when assessing your application

There are many different types of scores including application scores and bureau scores.

VedaScore is Veda’s bureau score and is a rank ordering tool. It uses only information on
credit files held by Veda to predict the likelihood that an adverse event will be recorded on
your credit file in the next 12 months. VedaScores are calculated based on information in
your credit file, such as:

  • Whether you have an overdue debts on your credit file
  • The number of enquiries you’ve made to lenders about credit, over time
  • The types of lender’s you’ve applied to
  • The type of credit you’ve applied for
  • The dollar amount you are applying for
  • Public data including court judgements or court writs
  • Defaults including how many, whether they are paid and how recent they are.

Each credit provider applies their own criteria and policies when making decisions on giving
credit, which is why some lenders may approve your application while others don’t.


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