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Our Melbourne Mortgage Brokers have years of extensive experience in the mortgage and finance broking industry. We aim to find the right solution for our customers individual requirement, may it be a home loan, investment loans, refinance or even a car loan we have the experience and lenders to assist your with your requirments.

Life of renovating and refinancing our home through a loan is becoming less cumbersome now. There is a company now that takes all the stress off a client’s shoulder. This is the Finance and mortgage broker in Melbourne. This company only has very savvy young members that use ingenious initiatives in tackling debt consolidation, home loans, commercial loans, refinancing and car finance to give the client just the right information and workings to have whatever they needed the credit

Our Melbourne Mortgage Brokers have years of experience in the Finance Industry

When you think of a dynamic team of brokers then the Lend A Loan | Finance and mortgage broker Melbourne should be your focus. Lend A Loan is made up of a savvy and efficient team of mortgage brokers that believe in working with just our team specifications and achieving all our client’s needs without any hassles. You will have at your disposal over 40 business, personal, commercial and residential lenders to meet all your loan needs and financial needs.

Benefits of working with Mortgage Broker Melbourne

There are a lot of finance and mortgage companies out there, but at Lend A Loan – Mortgage Broker Melbourne look for a home loan that suits your individual needs and we ensure we are choosing a loan product that is suited for your in your future.

Our Mortgage Brokers will ensure to always keep you updated on the latest news and interest-rates give you have opt-in our privacy consent form. You can always count on us when your loan needs arise because we can help you achieve a lot in the following ways.

More Competitive Interest rates on your home loan

With the number of banks we liaise with you can be sure of getting the best interest rate on your home loan you . We will assess  100’s of loan product and ensure that we provide you with the most competitive home loans which that suits your unique requirement. The team at Lend A Loan – Mortgage Broker Melbourne have access to over 40 lenders.

We compare and assess loans for you to choose from

Our Mortgage Brokers leave the choice to our clients. Our brokers will assess which lenders can assist and compare the most suitable loans at the most competitive interest rates and after the preliminary assessment of your loan your mortgage broker will present you with two or three home loan recommendations for you to choose from.

We are true to clients, and commit to always put our clients objective first.

A blend of twenty years of field experience and state-of-the-art software programming makes Finance and Mortgage Melbourne the best available choice to guide you through the intricate doorways of financial matters in the town.


Consult Our Finance Specialists to Explore All Procurable Lending Options Around!
A blend of twenty years of field experience and state-of-the-art software programming makes Finance and Mortgage Melbourne the best available choice to guide you through the intricate doorways of financial matters in the town.

We Will Do the Homework for Your First Home!
The excitement of purchasing your first home or property does not come alone. It always comes hand in hands with a bunch of underlying worries and challenges. However, we make your journey of buying a new home superbly exciting. We make sure to accompany you from the pre-approval application stage to the move in celebrations.

It is not all about the good rates only; our consultants at Finance and Mortgage Melbourne offer you a complete guidance cum facilitation package. To know the details request an appointment at the earliest by contacting us at: 1300 861 336


We aim at helping you take the best decision by giving due regard to the following major factors:

  • Identification of your true needs through a professional financial need analysis
  • Save you the headache of burdensome work .i.e. paperwork and supplementary legwork
  • Leading you through the complete process of purchase of property
  • Guiding you through the legal and other matters including negotiations with the agents, auctions, contract/paper signing, etc.
  • On date and time execution of valuations and settlements
  • Ensuring the compatibility and suitability of your loan
  • Provision of free reports of property

Looking for a first-class finance and mortgage broking agency?

Different situations will have a different requirement that's where our brokers come in

If you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident willing to build or buy your first home, you may be an eligible candidate for the first home buyer grant. Lend A Loan – Mortgage Broker Melbourne recommends you to check your status and the amount which you may receive in this regard by contacting us at: 1300 861 336 or email us: [email protected]
You may also want to use our stamp duty calculator to see if you are eligible for first home buyer duty exemption, concession or reductions as this may differ for each state.

More information about the duty exemption, concession or reductions can be found on the State Revenue Offfice website:

Irrespective of the reason behind moving your house, the financial brokers at Finance and Mortgage Melbourne will find a solution to your loan requirement. Nearly, it is always easier to move than to buy the first home. Depending upon your built up equity and proven paid mortgage history, you may have more options to proceed further.

Nevertheless, the phenomenon is quite complicated for it involves some bold decision making about the recent home and the time and place to move in.

An outline of a stepwise guide will help you understand the Moving Home phenomenon better.

We will hold your hands and assist you through the scary subject of finance

Are you scared of refinancing your mortgage ? If, yes, then let us handle it because it could be much simpler than you have imagined. Additionally, if your financial condition has improved then refinancing can cut down your repayments too.

Are you still confused? Let us unfold a few advantages of refinancing to you.

It may make some portion of your equity accessible to you to extend, remodel or renovate your home. Doing this will may get the extra cash without being burdened with any extra loans at higher interest-rates and pay off they loan quicker (Although home loans interest may be lower it we recommend that you get the right credit advice and plan to payout the amount faster as it will also be expensive to pay-off a laon over the same term as your home loan)

Having owned your home for a while also makes you eligible to get access to the equity for other purposes through the facility of refinancing. In most cases lenders will require a reasonible reason to make the funds available. We at Lend A Loan – Mortgage Broker Melbourne have lenders available to debt consolidate for many reasons such ATO debt pay-out, Credit Card Debt Payout, and many more.

To further discuss your reason for refinancing your home loan or to book a free consultation contact us on 1300 861 336 or email: [email protected]

Looking for a first-class finance and mortgage broking agency?


With more than 45 lenders and 100s of products to choose from, we can find the right loan product that suits your needs


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