Let us find the loan that matches your business plan

One of the challenges we often hear from small business owners is their struggle matching loan options with their short term and long term business objectives

This challenge means business owners are often putting off business financing options because finding the right loan is seemingly confusing, unclear and just too time-consuming.

Unfortunately, this delay and lack of action is a missed opportunity for small business – a missed opportunity to tap into a financial boost to drive your business towards your short term and long term goals.

With all the varied types of loans in the market place right now, with many different lenders offering all sorts of product options and variations, it does take a financial professional to guide you to find the right financing solution.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to finding the right loan.

Our role is to provide you with guidance – while taking into consideration all of your business opportunities, goals and challenges – to ensure you can access that financial boost.

Whether you need extra funds to implement an expansion plan or to increase cash flow to manage the day to day, we are here to support you. Let us play our role and take the pressure off you so that you can focus on your business.

A word of warning about using your home as security

Securing an overdraft (or using a line of credit) and using your home as security for this loan is not a fantastic option – and is often used as a band-aid solution which can put extreme pressure and additional risk on business owners.

Of course, there are always elements of pressure and risk when it comes to owning and running a small business. However, we advise our clients not to bring their home into the picture.

Why not use your home to secure a loan when it could be a quick fix?

The quick answer is?

You don’t want your family home to be at risk of refinancing – or even selling – just because some of your clients haven’t paid their account or it’s a quiet business period. Chances are the risk is too high.

If you have thought about using your home as security, we recommend that you discuss your options with a financial adviser before making a final decision.


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